Comments enabled again

I have enabled comments on the news pages again with a basic comment spam protection.

I had to disable comments a while ago because my site got hit by comment spammers like many other sites before me. It was only a matter of time when this was going to happen.

But finally I can enable them again, because I added a CAPTCHA test to Agora, Horde's forum sofware that we also use for our comments API. For those who don't know, CAPTCHA test are simple question-answer-test to find out if you talk to a human or a computer. You probably have hit such a test when you were supposed to enter some characters that are displayed in a distorted images right above, for example when creating a new webmail account.

Our CAPTCHA works a bit different, it uses Figlets. Figlets are fonts created like "ASCII Art"; you can see it in action right below this article. The messages are created using PEAR's Text_Figlet package.