Speaking at FISL10 in Brazil

I will be giving two talks at this year's "Fórum Internacional de Software Livre" in Porto Alegre, Brazil at the end of June.

The agenda has not been finished yet, but I'm giving talks on two days at fisl10. The conference/exhibition is taking place in Porto Alegre from June 24 - 27.

The first talk will be a showcase of Horde Groupware's current functionality, including all those nice little advanced features and goodies that sometimes hide shyly in the large set of configurations and interface screens. As time permits I will also show some less known modules that can beef up a Groupware installation or give some peeks into the new features of upcoming Horde releases. This talk will be translated to Portuguese.

The second talk is targeting a more technical audience and will explain in detail the many configuration and customization possibilities with Horde. Administrators and developers will learn how to integrate Horde into existing infrastructure, how to customize it to their needs, and will get some inspiration about what is possible beyond a few clicks in the setup screen.

Both talks will be recorded and should be available after the conference for anyone who was not able to attend.

This is my first time in South America, so I won't go there alone, and we'll stay in Brazil for a vacation after the conference. Most of the time we'll be in Rio de Janeiro, maybe there are other opportunities for talks or user group meetings?