Preparations for Horde 3.2 release series started

The release of 13 Horde applications during the last few days was the starting signal for the preparations of the Horde 3.2 release cycle. This series will not only deliver exciting new features for the stable applications, but turn some applications that are still in development into a first stable version, e.g. DIMP, Wicked or Whups.

With the release of 13 new application versions during the last few days and a message to the Horde developer mailing list I gave a starting signal to prepare for the Horde 3.2 release series. The recent releases were supposed to get all the fixes and improvements out, that accumulated in the stable CVS branches since the last application releases.

We now concentrate on finishing the remaining issues and unfinished tasks in the current development code. We will release several new applications with Horde 3.2, the most exciting are probably the AJAX webmail client DIMP, the wiki Wicked, and the bug tracker and ticket system Whups.

A lot of work has been put into the existing stable applications too, some of my personal highlights are the many, many interface improvements, the central alarm system, WebDAV/CalDAV/GroupDAV support, high availability database features, improved caching and overall performance and better virtual hosts and Kolab support.

Once the new versions have been released, the old Horde 3.1 branches are turning into "security mode", i.e. will only receive updates for security issues and huge bugs; the Horde 3.0 series will be deprecated completely.