Kolab web client finished

From Gunnar Wrobel through the Kolab mailing lists: Kolab support in Horde is finally considered feature complete!


As most of you know Horde has been an incomplete Kolab2 client for quite a while now. The development to convert the web client into a fully compatible Kolab2 client has been restarted last year and is about to reach its final stage.

Last year p@rdus started developing a new Horde driver for Kolab groupware folders. At the same time Thomas Jarosch from Intra2net developed a caching framework to boost the speed and usability to a reasonable level.

The Kolab Konsortium decided to sponsor and accelerate the Horde development done by p@rdus at the beginning of this year and the new caching framework was sponsored by KONSEC and WU Wien.

In the last two months we did join forces in order to integrate the improvements into Horde CVS. This has been an extremely successful cooperation and the new Kolab framework has now been committed to Horde CVS. We believe that this finally converts Horde into a fully compatible Kolab2 client. With these changes in place Horde/Kolab is now moving into a bug fixing phase in order to stabilize the Kolab specific code for the Horde 3.2 release which is to be expected soon.

Development took place in a special Horde branch which made it hard for others to follow the development. With this final CVS commit the Horde CVS system can be considered the ultimate point of reference again. So if you have bug fixes or wish to improve the Horde code, Horde CVS HEAD will be your friend.

p@rdus did create the necessary packages for both OpenPKG and Gentoo. These packages are now based on CVS snapshots and provide some specific Kolab patches that have not yet or will not be included into Horde CVS. Once Horde 3.2 has been released Horde/Kolab will start to use reliable, released packages.

In the meantime we encourage all people that do not run a production server and that are interested in hosting a Horde web client to join the bug hunting phase. In order to install Horde please consult the updated installation instructions in the Kolab wiki.

Please submit any problems you might have either to the Kolab bug tracker using the keyword "horde" or to the Kolab queue of the Horde bug tracker.


Thomas and Gunnar