Webmail comparison of DIMP, Roundcube and Scalix

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post about the article that I wrote for Linux Magazin Technical Review, there is another article from Linux Magazin which compares the AJAX webmail solutions DIMP, Roundcube, and the webmail component of Scalix. Here's a short summary.

I can't get into too much detail unfortunately, because Linux Magazin is still selling the article on their website. The article is only available in German.

It was already released in the June issue, so the tests were done with versions from May at the latest. I can only speak for DIMP, but I guess the other applications have released new versions or improved their webmailers since then too.

The conclusion is basically that Roundcube is the easiest and fastest to install, but lacks some advanced functionality.
Scalix' strong point is the Outlook-like interface, which you might consider good or bad, but I can see how many people prefer that for easier migration from legacy software. The disadvantage is that it's part of a full groupware solution that provides it's own backends and requires Tomcat.

DIMP finally is mentioned as the most feature-rich of the tested applications. We know the downsides already: complicated installation and configuration. While the granular configuration is actually one of our selling points, we already solved the installation complexity like we did it in the past: DIMP is part of the Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 1.1 which makes it as easy to install as our groupware bundles.