Twittering Horde

I'm still not convinced. I don't get how Twitter could really be useful.

I don't care if a friend takes a coffee break on the other side of the planet. I don't want other people to know what I'm doing when. We already have enough big brothers these days. I tried to understand where the hype is coming from, I even went to talks that should explain that, but those still didn't convince me.

I have a slight impression that it might help me because I rarely find time to write complete blog posts, at least less than I want to.

So, this is a self-experiment. You won't read when I wake up, what I got for dinner or how the litter box of my cats smell, but I'll try to keep you updated with small notes about what happens in the Horde community or during my personal Horde development and consulting, in my Twitter feed. Let's see how that goes.