Last chance to test release candidates

Horde 3.2 and Horde Groupware 1.1 will be released on May 26 the latest. This means the release candidates that we released on May 10 are the last chance to find serious bugs before the next Horde version goes gold. Go test them!

Because it was a long time since the last set of release candidates, we had the chance to fix and improve a lot of things as well as fixing many bugs. Most time has been spent on further performance enhancements and improving the new features of Horde 3.2.

Most notably we added native SQL drivers for permissions and groups and futher polished the share SQL driver. This means that you no longer have to use the DataTree backend for those features at all, which turned out to be the worst bottle neck on large installations using Horde 3.1 or early 3.2 versions.

More improvements have been made to synchronization (SyncML), PGP and S/MIME, WebDAV, IE7 support and Kolab features.