Horde at LinuxTag 2008

The Horde Project has a booth on the exhibition during LinuxTag 2008 in Berlin.

For the second time after 2005, when Horde had a mini-booth in the LAMP area of LinuxTag, we will have a full booth this year. LinuxTag has moved from Karlsruhe to Berlin since then and now claims to be "Europe's leading exhibition on Linux and Open Source".

LinuxTag takes place from May 28 to 31, and more than 80 free open sources projects will attend the exhibition. If you have a chance to be in Berlin during those days, don't miss the event.

I'm going to showcase Horde 3.2, DIMP, and Horde Groupware 1.1 which will all be released in time, so it's a great chance to see those new versions that we worked on for more than two years at first hand.

I'm also still looking for people from the Horde community who might be able to support me at the booth, even if only for a few hours. I'm the only staff at the moment, and could really need someone taking over the booth for at least an hour per day.
If you are a user of Horde and might have something to tell about your installation that might be interesting to other users or people new to Horde, let me know upfront, and we might be able to organize a small use-case session.