Article in Linux Magazin

An article about Horde has been released in a groupware edition of the German "Linux Magazine - Technical Review".

I was asked to write an article about Horde Groupware in the German Linux Magazin (English editions of this journal are known as "Linux Magazine" and "Linux Pro Magazine" though the article is only available in German unfortunately). Not for the regular monthly version, but for a groupware special.

I got a copy of this "Technical Review" the other day and was really impressed because it almost feels like a book due to its hardcover and the price. :-) I was even more surprised to see my article covering a whopping 10 pages, much more than I expected.

In my article I give a short overview about Horde Groupware and new features in the upcoming version 1.1 (Horde 3.2 for those tracking Horde modules separately). But the bigger part of the article is about getting most out of Horde by integrating it seamlessly into existing infrastructures, customizing it exactly to your needs and integrating some of its functionality into your own applications and vice versa.

Unfortunately Horde Groupware was not covered by the groupware comparison in the same magazine, which is really disappointing. I don't know how that could happen. At least it was mentioned in another article about Kolab written by Sascha Wilde and Bernhard Reiter. Thanks, Berhard! ;-)

Today I've noticed that they created a mini website on the groupware topic which also covers a comparison between the AJAX webmail clients Roundcube, Scalix and our highly anticipated DIMP. I'll write more about it as soon as I get my hands on this article.

Update: I have summarized that comparison article here.