Finally! AJAX webmail DIMP and Horde 3.2 going gold

We've come to an end. After 30 months of development and one of the longest releases processes in the history of the Horde Project, we finally released Horde 3.2, DIMP 1.0, Horde Groupware 1.1 and bunch of other applications.

We just got ready for LinuxTag starting in two days in Berlin. It was a long day yesterday, because we wanted to squash as many bugs as possible before the final releases, had to prepare release announcements, test releases, build the groupware bundles, etc. But now we're done.

DIMP, the Dynamic Internet Messaging Program, an AJAX version of the popular webmail client IMP has been released with the first stable version. DIMP builds on top of IMP, just like MIMP, the mobile webmail version. With this architecture we could profit from stable backend code which has been proven in 10 years of production use.

These two webmail frontends have been added to the Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 1.1, that now offers three different webmail frontends, next to the other groupware modules, the calendar Kronolith, the address book Turba, the filters frontend Ingo, the task manager Nag, and the notes application Mnemo, all on top of the new Horde Application Framework 3.2.

There is a ton of new features and improvements to any of the new application versions, please check the website for details. My personally favorite items are:

But there are hundreds of other features hat have been added, those are the ones that I use myself a lot. A good starting place for a more extensive list are the release notes of the Horde Groupware Webmail Edition, because it contains all applications that have been released yesterday.

Now one more day to rest (just kidding) and off to the LinuxTag.