I am currently available as a freelancer for contracting work. I'm focused on programming solutions in the areas below. Contact me for any proposals or quotes in these areas.


I started programming PHP when version 3.0.8 was the latest and greatest, back in spring 1999. Since then I have worked on dozens of websites and applications written in PHP, from small sized in-house solutions up to complete websites and huge software projects like the IMP webmail client.

Whether you need a small online database or a big web application, don't hesitate to ask for a concept and a quote.


Horde is one of the biggest PHP projects worldwide. It provides the open source Horde Application Framework and an impressive amount of applications built on it. Among others the Horde Groupware, and IMP, one of the most popular webmail clients used by millions of users every day.

I am a core member of the Horde Project since 2001 and am working on all modules of the project.

I offer support for installing, customizing and extending Horde applications. Do you need a custom intranet or extranet application that ties into the Horde Framework or its applications? I can help you too.

Web applications

During my work in the Horde Project and through developing custom web applications, I had the chance to gain experience across all areas of modern web development, including languages and techniques like PHP, SQL, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and many more.