I'm currently providing three different news feeds, all available as RSS feeds and by email. There is also an aggregation of all feeds available, as you can see on the homepage.

Website News

Contains everything around my website, mostly notifications about updates, changes or additions.

Horde News

This are not the official Horde news, though there aren't any others. I'll provide you with my personal view of what happens in and nearby the "Horde World", anything in the development, in the community or on the mailing lists that I think might be interesting for a broader audience.

Horde Releases

This is the place where I'm announcing all official Horde module releases with some background information about the changes.

Horde News and Releases

This is a combination of the Horde News and Horde Releases feeds.

Jan Schneider Personally

Anything about my life that could be of interest to others. Don't expect any revelations or boring blogs about me or my (non existant) car, this is mostly for keeping a personal touch on my website.